Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Its been a ton of fun around Ft. Smith, and I'm having trouble processing that July will be here next week.  Slow down summer! 

 Here is our June in pictures...because well...the pictures are all anybody really cares about anyway!

We've had family visit from Indiana.  This is Matt's older sister Kristie, Me, Matt's Cousin Amber and his oldest sister Mindy.
We spent a fun night out in Ft. Worth.  Thankful for grandparents that kept all 9 grand-kids so we could go play!
 We've stayed inside in the cool air and played a few games!

 We've gone to sprinkler parks and climbed through tunnels!

  We've hung out in the Oval Office....or a replica of the Oval Office.  The George W. Bush Presidential Library opened in Dallas during the Spring and we went and visited it with Matt's cousins.  Thanks for taking us guys!  It was a beautiful museum!

 We've played like Superman.  This big boy spent Father's Day with his Grandpa Smith and all of his Cousins at Six Flags Over Texas.  He still hasn't stopped talking about it.  Not kidding.
We've been yogurt eating junkies!
We've been watersliding like crazy!
 We've been in the pool a lot.  My baby is jumping off of the diving board!  I call him Boo-boo.  He asked me why...I told him because I love him.  He said..."Could you please just call me Rustin?".  Instead I'm calling him "Cupcake"...according to him that is worse.  Mission Accomplished.

 We've had some amazing play-dates with some of their best friends.
And this handsome man even got to go deep sea fishing.  I'd say we're pretty's looking to a July full of just as many amazing memories!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Some days they get along so well...

 ...they'll play together for hours.

Even taking turns!  

Their reward...getting to play with every tub of Play-Doh we own.  This is a HUGE privilege.  (Frivolous fact about me:  I despise play-doh and have even been known to throw it away when given to us as a gift.)

  Loving these two and the sweetness this rainy summer morning brought on.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Down & Dirty Mud Run

 He ran...
 He Climbed...
 He Finished!!!
 It was a beautiful Sunday Morning and this little man sat with me while we watched his Daddy and Brother complete a Big & Muddy Race.
 This was your first race, Ryder, and you did awesome!
 I love you and the determination you showed.
 Your eye was on the said "You know I don't like being last, Mom".
You weren't.  Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!!!