Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday Bowling

 Their Emmy and Uncle Jon got them hooked.  We've been at the bowling Alley every Saturday since.

 Ryder is pretty good for a boy who just turned five last week.

Rustin...well...he couldn't be happier.  He's with his Dad, rolling a heavy ball...oh and eating french fries.  That is heaven.

This is their Granddaddy...he's my Dad...with my crazy husband.  Kind of reminds me of that guy you see jumping behind the News Reporter when they're doing a live shoot.  Oh, how I do love these two!

Happy Bowling Y'all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, you are 5!


Five years ago today,  I had the honor of watching you take your very first breath.  You were beautiful, plump, blue eyed and smelled like bliss.  I held you in my arms and couldn't quite grasp the amazing gift God had just given me.

I am  having a little bit of  trouble with you turning five.  You realize it, too.  You told me..."It's o.k. Mom.  You'll still sing me lullabies when I turn five...and I'll still give you kisses.".    You can bring happy tears to my eyes quicker than anyone in this world.

Tonight as we were riding home in the car you said..."Mommy...I have to tell you something that makes me sad.  Eden's Daddy went to heaven last year.  She keeps him close to her heart because she loves and misses him a lot.".

A knot swelled in my throat when I heard you say these words....Eden is in your preschool class.  I told you that Eden's Daddy loves her very much and that he is still with her even though she can't see him or touch him anymore.    You asked me where Jesus keeps all of the people when he brings them to Heaven.  I told you all about heaven....I described to you that it is a big and beautiful place.  We talked about how nobody is sick or hurts in Heaven.  You said really softly..."I'll miss you when you're in Heaven, Mommy.". 

I am blessed.  So incredibly blessed to have spent the last five years with you.  I pray that God blesses me with fifty more birthdays with you.    I love you more than you love trips to the car-wash, riding with the windows down, going bowling, eating pizza, sitting outside with a rainbow sno-cone, Sonic's blue slushes, McDonald's chicken nuggets and french fries, using the Ipad, talking on my phone, playing outside, building whole Chuggington tracks with Daddy, sleeping with baby Pluto, being a brother to Rustin, and spending time with your cousins.  In other words, I love you to the moon and THAT is a lot of loving.
Happy Birthday, Bear!  I hope five is all you thought it would are officially my big boy now.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Making Yogurt Dots

Even though making yogurt dots is serious business, it's an easy treat.

Just fill a plastic bag with your favorite yogurt and cut the tip off with a pair of scissors.

Cover a Cookie Sheet with Parchment paper and squeeze dots of yogurt onto the tray.  Just like this.

And this.  I had to remind him to make small dots...not mountains of yogurt.

Our final product ready to go into the freezer.  We taste tested them last night and they were delicious.  They melt easily in your mouth so even babies who are eating finger foods could handle them.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond the Window

This has always been his bed.  It was first his crib, and then it converted into his bed.  He's slept in it since he was just a few weeks old.  It's comfort to him. We bought him these letter sheets when we moved him out of the Nursery before Rustin was born.  He wants no other sheets on his bed. 

I've seen him stare out this window and I wonder what he is thinking.  Probably yearning to go beyond the window.  He loves being outside...just like his Momma.   There are some bells hanging in the tree just to his right, outside the window.  He bought them on one of our shopping trips and hung them there. They are very small, but hearing them ring brings him joy. This is how I want to remember him...almost 5 years old...growing up before our eyes, yet still full of innocence. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There's an Alligator Under My Bed

Ryder brought home a very special bag from school this week.  Inside of it was a book called, "There's An Alligator Under My Bed".  We also found a green, fluffy Alligator's tail snuggled inside of the bag.  What better way to read about Alligators, than with an Alligator's tail?

He looked high and low for Alligators, but didn't see any.

Luckily, the book tells us just how to get rid of that Alligator.... should he start living under one of our beds.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am blessed that this little green eyed, blonde headed, pajama wearing boy wakes me up at 6:00 a.m. every morning.  He was coming in from the garage.  We keep yogurts in the freezer out there.  They are his favorite food right now.  He eats no less than 5 a day.  Really.  I agree with is pretty delicious. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some days....

 Some days, you need to throw on your cape and mask.

Some days, you need to run through the house and "Roar"!

Some days, you need to rest on the porch...

....and watch the rain pour down. 


It's a Lazy Sunday.   We don't have to rush things...not even the potty. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trains, Chalk, Ryder

Sidewalk Chalk + Chuggers = A Happy & Content Ryder.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Cubby!

 Today you are 3.

 Your eyes have turned from bright blue to a beautiful brown.  Just like your Daddy.  You were born on his Birthday, so it is only fitting that you look just like him.

 You've come a long way in the past 3 years.  You are the most perfect baby boy...I mean big boy.

 This is our Rustin.  One silly little man.

If I could bottle you up and keep you just as you are....I would.  I love you more than you love Scooby Doo....and that is a lot of loving!   

Happy Birthday sweet Cubby....we are forever blessed to be your parents.  You bring so much joy to our lives!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Rustin's first day in the Old 2's Class!  He has Mrs. Simpkins who his Momma loves!

Ryder's first day in the Old 4's Pre-K Class!  He has Mrs. Gower and Mrs. Wallace.

 It  is a little bittersweet that this will be Ryder's last year at the Preschool he was accepted into when he was 10-months old.  It has been a fun four years!

This Momma is excited for these two boys and what the year will bring...It is going to be a great!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mission Complete

 Ryder was given a task at Meet the Teacher last Thursday.
He needed to decorate this little man and cut it out.  Oh...and there was to be no help from us.

It took him a few days of coloring and a few more days of painting.

He washed his brush so the colors wouldn't mix.

He wanted it to look like himself.

Mission Complete = One Excited Boy!

His own little man looking remarkably like himself.  Love ♥ 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Turning 3!

Our little Plus One is turning the big number 3 this week.  On Friday to be exact.  A little piece of trivia: He shares his Birthday with his Daddy.  

We got to baking on a very special cake this weekend.

We tested the batter to make sure it was o.k.  Chocolate and Vanilla were our flavors.  They were picked by the Birthday boy himself.

We put together some of his favorite treats.  We had Scooby Snacks, chocolate covered marshmallows with Scooby dog bones, lots of Skittles (guarded by the Creeper), a Mystery Machine cake and Water to wash it all down.

We invited all of his Cousins to our house and had a little party.

He ate Marshmallows.

He opened presents.

He acted silly.

He was beyond excited to open all things Scooby Doo and said, "Thank You for the Best Birthday Party ever!". 

We love you our little "Plus One"!  I can't believe you will be 3 on seems like only yesterday that you came home with us.  You were so quiet.  You always hung out in the background...taking it all in.  My how you have changed. You must have just been waiting for the perfect moment to make your move to center stage.  You are one outgoing, strong willed, kind-hearted, big brown eyed, backseat singing, loves to dance, talk your ear off kind of boy and we couldn't ask for more!