Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond the Window

This has always been his bed.  It was first his crib, and then it converted into his bed.  He's slept in it since he was just a few weeks old.  It's comfort to him. We bought him these letter sheets when we moved him out of the Nursery before Rustin was born.  He wants no other sheets on his bed. 

I've seen him stare out this window and I wonder what he is thinking.  Probably yearning to go beyond the window.  He loves being outside...just like his Momma.   There are some bells hanging in the tree just to his right, outside the window.  He bought them on one of our shopping trips and hung them there. They are very small, but hearing them ring brings him joy. This is how I want to remember him...almost 5 years old...growing up before our eyes, yet still full of innocence.