Sunday, July 29, 2012

Austin Weekend

We dropped this guy off to stay at the Vet for the weekend.

We headed southbound on I-35 for Austin and made a few stops along the way.  This was outside of what was probably the nicest gas station I've ever walked into.

We hooked up with this girl and her super fun parents.  The next morning we hit some of Austin's best spots.  This is Waterloo Records.

Waterloo is next door to 24 Diner where we ate the best breakfast of my life.

This entire waffle, including the Brown Sugar Butter, went in my mouth.  Oh my!

 I do love these boys so much!

 We've been going to this Brewery for 11 years.  We sit in the same place every time.  It's kind of like our Cheers.

 Miss Nima and I.

My sweet man on the ride back home. 

We always have an amazing time with these friends...can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Vintage Barber Shop

This is one of our favorite shops.  It's walking distance from where we used to live.

He has worn this same cape since before he turned a year old.

I'm pretty sure these hands give the best haircut in town.

It's a good 20-minutes of pure man pampering....complete with a neck massage.

He won't let anyone, but this fun girl touch his hair.

Nothing better than the lollipop as you leave.

Mansfield's Vintage rock!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

365 Day Photo Challenge

I was reading a forum early this morning that challenged it's readers to improve their photography by taking at least one photograph a day. 

I've been semi-estranged from my camera lately.  For awhile I lost the love I once had for it.  Sometimes I lose focus.  I get caught up with perfectionism and forget that photography isn't about capturing the perfect image all of the's about capturing life's moments. 

So here goes nothing.  I am going to try and get at least one shot in a day.  I promise not to post each day, but I'll start by posting today's and I'll also mark my calendar and post the last shot exactly one year from today.

This is Ryder.  He's an early riser. It was about 7:30 this morning and he was already in his swimsuit.  Ready to tackle the day with a water hose at his feet.  I love how the sun comes up over these trees in the mornings...the promise of a new day that always seems to wipe the slate clean from anything yesterday left lingering.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My Boys love things like Hot Wheels.

Things I never played with growing up in a house of girls.

He gave me a high-five this morning when I figured out how to build his loopity-loop track.

I am forever thankful for these boys and all the new experiences they bring.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Chicken Day

Dress Like a Cow and Eat Free Chicken?  Heck Yes! 
Ryder and I missed out this year, but Rustin got to hang out with his "couwsins" on Chicfila Day!  Love all of these little cows!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

Some days you just have to dance in the rain.  It's the simple things that bring the most joy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Any of you who know me...know that I lose things.  I lose my keys at the park.  I usually do things like this more than once.  I lose Ryder at the Waterpark...I didn't blog about this was too scary.  I lose my phone all of the time.  In fact, I've lost my phone at the park.

The last time this happened, it was run over by who knows how many cars before someone picked it up.  It was obvious my phone needed some superior protection.

We found the Life Proof Cases.  They fit the I-phone and are Waterproof.  Since using my LifeProof case last fall my phone has survived (in no particular order):   Laying on the pavement in 37 Degree Rain for 7-hours, being our 2-year old Poodle-Spaniel's chew toy, riding on the running boards of my SUV for 40 miles at speeds above 60 mph, being thrown from my running boards at the previously stated high speeds, being dropped from countless shopping carts, being left in the refrigerator, and I could keep going....and going.

I couldn't recommend Lifeproof more!  They are debuting a new blue case this summer and doing a Pinterest give-away...go to LifeProof for details!

Happy 4th of July

 Our 4th of July was simple.

 We made some festive treats.

 We used lots of sugar and chocolate.

 It wouldn't be a celebration without marshmallows.  One of Rustin's basic food groups. 

  We lit up Sparklers for the first time.

It was Awesome..."out of the mouth" of a 2-year old.

We used plastic cups as shields for their little hands.

 We lit up the driveway.

 Matthew...(he belongs to Mindy...Matt's oldest sister)...he is the 2nd Oldest Grandson on the Smith side.

Madison...(she belongs to Mindy, too)....she is the youngest Granddaughter on the Smith side.

Syd...she is Madison's Twin Sister...older by just a few minutes.

Happy 4th of July!!