Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trimming the Tree

Our tree is trimmed and we are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thanksgiving Feathers

Thanksgiving Feathers by Rustin...lots of glue, lots of glitter, lots of paint makes for some fancy feathers.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Some of our best Saturday mornings are spent here.  At 8 and 6 years old they still love this room that has entertained them since they were 2 and 0.  For sure, things have changed over the years.  No more diapers and footie pajamas.  It's all athletic shorts and mis-matched hand-me-down character pajamas now.  Long gone are the days of Mickey Mouse Club House...instead they work together to sneak on old episodes of the Simpson's...and when they're busted they try making it right by telling me Daddy watched it when he was their age.  We don't have miles of train tracks strung across the floor anymore.  Now it is Skylander control pads and PS4 remotes.  I'm constantly finding Go-gurt wrappers and empty Capri Sun pouches stuck in the cushions of the old recliner that used to rock them to sleep at night.  I hear myself rant that habits like these will bring rats in the house, and they blankly stare back at me like I'm a crazy lady that yells ridiculous things all day long. In the beginning, I made time to make sure everything had a I'm numb to seeing underwear and shoes strung in the strangest places.

Change always gives me a sense of sadness, but as I watched them this morning I was filled with joy.   Maybe this isn't change....maybe it is just progress...another chapter in their book. These two boys share an unbreakable bond of brotherhood, this room is full of memories, and I am unquestionably blessed to sit back and watch the story that they continue to write unfold....right here.