Thursday, July 26, 2012

365 Day Photo Challenge

I was reading a forum early this morning that challenged it's readers to improve their photography by taking at least one photograph a day. 

I've been semi-estranged from my camera lately.  For awhile I lost the love I once had for it.  Sometimes I lose focus.  I get caught up with perfectionism and forget that photography isn't about capturing the perfect image all of the's about capturing life's moments. 

So here goes nothing.  I am going to try and get at least one shot in a day.  I promise not to post each day, but I'll start by posting today's and I'll also mark my calendar and post the last shot exactly one year from today.

This is Ryder.  He's an early riser. It was about 7:30 this morning and he was already in his swimsuit.  Ready to tackle the day with a water hose at his feet.  I love how the sun comes up over these trees in the mornings...the promise of a new day that always seems to wipe the slate clean from anything yesterday left lingering.  


Abbey said...

You go momma!!!! I adore all of your pics!!! Stay with it and I totally wouldn't mind if you posted all 365 pics ;)))