Monday, September 26, 2011

The Picture Post

We survived a week of Disney World.  All of our Dreams Came True.  It was absolutely magical.

We hugged Buzz Lightyear

Flew high above the Earth in a Rocket Ship.

Walked through Cinderella's Castle.

Rode the boats through a Small World.

We got really hot and sticky.  He got delirious. 

We posed for lots of pictures.

Leo and Annie were a sweet surprise.

We watched Parades.

We saw lots of Little Green Army Men.

We gave a few High Fives.

We decided to give shrinking the kids a try.  It was fun.  We could hardly see them :)

We walked countless miles behind this stroller.

We drove through a Safari and saw some amazing animals.

  He got sick :(  He hung with us though...motrin and tylenol work small miracles!

He finally met his "Best Pal" Pluto.  Of course "Little" Pluto was there to say Hi.  It was amazing.  Truly.

We got all dressed up for a Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom.

We went Buzz Lightyear Crazy.

We danced with Jessie.

We fell in love Jessie.  I think Jessie liked him too.

We stayed up REALLY late.

We waited in some REALLY long lines.

Those long lines were worth the wait for moments like this.

We were very Brave!

We stood in a few more lines. He mostly didn't fuss about the wait. :)

We couldn't have done it without Grandparents by our side.  They are the BEST and we are Blessed to have them in our lives. 


Amber Connors said...

Love it! I especially love the "brave" pic! Glad you had so much fun!