Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Easter Table

Our table is our cornerstone.  It's truly the center of our home.  Not literally, but it does feel like all of our activities revolve around this table.  I LOVE changing it out for all of the seasons.

These Eggs are from Hobby Lobby.  I found the little Nest out in Canton.  If you live in Texas, you need to go to this big "Flea Market".  Its held the weekend before the First Monday of each Month and is called "First Monday" for this reason.  Its very close to my old stomping grounds, so I get out that way a lot.

 Glass Topiary Jars always fancy things up.  I try to use different heights.  Even if your jars are the same height, try putting one on top of a base that will provide height.  My jars are left over from my sister's wedding and were purchased  from Wal-Mart.  The Table Runner is from Pier One.  Grass in the bottom of the jars can be found on any floral aisle and is a nice space filler.

I filled one of the jars with Pastel Candy Corn and Hershey Eggs. 

I use Candle Sticks a lot.  They are good for stacking things and giving different dimensions.  These carrots are from Pier One and come bundled like this.

Move things around.  Stack High.  Stack Low.  Stand back and look at it.  If you don't like it, change it!  Have fun decorating!


Abbey said...

Love it!!!! I am still with St. Patty's decor but come March 18th... I will get into full easter mode ;)) Nicely done girl!