Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My December Top 5

1.  Both Boys.  Stomach Bug.  In the car.  Puking at the same time as I drive down the highway. After dark.  Three hours of scrubbing the seat belts, 4 days of leaving the windows down,  a $50.00 car wash, and 5 different air fresheners later...we still get a whiff of puke every now and again.

2.  My little sister had a baby!  3 days of labor, 2 hours of pushing and a C-section later...the boys have a new cousin!  Maxx Reid weighed in at 8 lbs. & 5 oz.  He's irresistible!  Oh and he already has a form of Pink Eye at less than a week old...likely from my kids holding him.  Nice.  He belongs to Emmy.  She is my little sister by 7 years.  She was in the 6th grade when Matt first met her.  I can hardly believe she's big enough to have a baby...another reminder of how old I am turning next week.

3.  The boys sang their hearts out at their Preschool Christmas Program.

4.  I ran my second half marathon on Sunday and beat my previous time by 8 minutes.  I was really excited despite spending the rest of the day in the bathroom.  If you ever decide to run long distances, talk to me first.  I'll give you the dirty truth about the after effects.  I can't stop thinking about the next race though...its an addiction I think.

5.  My experience in Kohls today.   It was Rustin and I together while Ryder was at school.  We were inside and I was flipping through sweaters when a lady in the center aisle started a conversation with Rustin.  I heard her say, "Ohhhh... that is not your Mom?  Is it your Grandma?".

In my head I'm saying "What???  She thinks I am his Grandma?"  Did I mention that I am not looking forward to 35 next week? 

Out loud I correct her saying, "No.  I am his Mom.".

She replies, "Oh.  I'm sorry.  He says you're not his Mom."

I reply, "I really am, despite what he says.  Come on Rustin.".

Rustin replies, "My name is not Rustin.  My name is Andrew!"  (He had been pretending all day that he was a character from the Jingle Movie on the Hallmark Channel named Andrew.  Ahem... and  I was Sophia, Andrew's friend, instead of his Mom).

You guessed it... she was on my tail, following me through the store.  She got me...his Grandma kidnapped him and didn't even call him by the correct name. 'Tis the Season!

I pray your December top 5 has been filled with good health, joy, family, accomplishment, blessings, laughter and YOUTH!


Heather said...

Joy! This is greatness! Your "not my momma" story had me laughing out loud! And the bit about two sick boys? Well, that should earn you the mommy equivalent to the Nobel prize. Lol