Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Wrapped

This boy has me wrapped around his pinky finger.  He was sick this week.  Probably the most sick he's ever been in his 4 years of life.  He was pathetic and my heart broke for him.

He spent a good part of the week laying on blankets in a bath tub.    He laid here without complaining.  He bravely took a big shot of penicillin on Wednesday and I promised him something special for being so big.  He looked at me with crocodile tears in his eyes and said..."Anything I want?".  I cautiously asked what "anything" was.  His reply, "A beautiful barbie?".

He has me wrapped.  Barbie makes everything better...even making sandwiches is better with Barbie.  Thank goodness he is much better today!  Love you to the moon and back Rustin Walker.  I love that you are you...100% of the time.  You don't feel like you have to behave the way people think you should.  You don't care about Iron Man or Race Cars...the things society tells you to love.  You love beautiful girls...and I can't really fault you for that.  XoXo


Janelle said...

Poor little man. Even I would complain about a penacillian shot. And I love that he loves Barbies. Just like my Tori loves MineCraft and Legos. It's just who they are. :)