Tuesday, September 23, 2014



There is no doubt this is your least favorite part of the day.  You and Rustin begrudgingly sit at the dining room table.    It's homework time.  For the record...I totally get it... who honestly wants to come home and do more work after sitting in a desk and learning all day? Unfortunately, it still has to be done.

Rustin pretends to be busy, but really just plays with two pencils and stares out the window.  

You and I banter back and forth...you let out loud groans....I preach to you about how groaning won't miraculously get it done...you make frequent subject changers while dropping your pencil on the floor  for the dog to chew into a zillion pieces.  I'm almost positive you're secretly hoping their won't be another pencil in the house and we'll be forced to stop for the afternoon. Before too long I start to feel like the guy sitting behind you in this picture.

Then just as it starts to get way too serious for a first-grade boy and his thirty-something year old  Momma...Rustin brings us both back to the center with a costume change into a blanket turned cape, and a high-pitch super-hero voice...and neither of us can contain our laughter.

See it's crazy...because your least favorite part of the day is my favorite.  I'm with you....I'm with both of you...and for this moment you're 100% mine... and I'm forever grateful.

I love you both more than you love Fridays with no homework...and that my sweet boys is a lot of loving!