Sunday, April 20, 2014


He is Risen...Happy Easter!


We hopped a fence, skipped cow patties, dodged prickly pears, got run off by a Momma Cow protecting her calf...and this is all we is bluebonnet season in Texas and this is my circus.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

How are you this big?

How are you already this big?

  I love you to the moon and back Rustin Walker.  Congratulations on your very first T-Ball Game!

 You backed up first base...
You pretended that Baseball was Poison Ivy's Head and knocked her out...
...And you got on base.  I'd say that was a pretty awesome first game buddy! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


You are a boy.  I have to remind myself of that.  I have to remind myself that boys are much different than girls.  You're bold.  You do things I would've never dreamed of doing at 6-years old and nothing seems to embarrass you.  But then again that's why you're a boy and I am not.

As your parents, it is our job to mold you and guide you in the right direction.  I pray every day that God gives us that direction. told me that you asked God to help you work towards having better days at school.  I can't tell you the joy it brings me to know that you are already turning to Him....even if it is over small things in the grand scheme of throwing froot-loops at the lunch table.  May you always turn to Him for He will help you now and always my bear.

And even though you melted my heart all're still grounded.

All my love...