Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vegetables aren't the only way to Heaven...

I have the most amazing son.  He truly is.  Today he told me he prayed for me.  He said, "I prayed for you all day, Mommy.  I asked God to make your day awesome and happy."...as I paused before responding he said, "Do you think people who don't like vegetables go to Heaven...so long as they believe in the Holy Spirit?".  I answered, "Yes.  I do.".

We read a book together and then I tucked him into bed and snuck away to my own bed.  Not long after I was settled in, he was at the foot of my bed.  He asked if I would lay in his bed with him for a little bit.  I agreed that I would and just as we got under the covers he said, "Do you remember when you used to sing me lullabies as I fell asleep?".  I said, "Yes, I do.".  He said, "Do you think you could sing them tonight?".  I haven't sung them to him in years, but I obliged.  I asked which one he wanted first and he said he didn't care.  So I sang...I sang them all and he fell asleep in my arms.  

My 7-year old boy who wants to be 17 most days; who only wants to walk into school by himself; who feeds the dog and handles all of the household trash duties; who gets himself showered and dressed all on his own; who fixes his own snacks; who shows me how to work the TV/Netflix/Video consoles and who probably knows more about my computer than I do...was my baby boy again tonight.

Ryder...tonight you reminded me that my baby always you'll be.  I love you more than you don't like vegetables and that my love monkey is a lot of loving!