Thursday, April 23, 2015

When you least expect it... are at a hard stage in life.  You long to be grown yet you are still so young.  We give you space but every now and again you take it too far.  We reel you back in and then let you go again.  Sometimes we wonder if we're saying the right things and leading you down the right paths?  As your Mom, I pray a lot. I pray that God gives me the direction to do what is best for you and your brother.    I pray that you have kindness within, strength to persevere, desire and drive to accomplish bigger things and that everything you do is with Jesus in your heart.

Most days I question myself and then when I least expect it you show me that God is present and listening.  In your Daddy's sweatshirt and with wet hair from the rain you just danced show me the goodness within.  I love you more than chocolate marshmallow cookies from Central Market and that sweet boy is a LOT of loving!