Thursday, April 10, 2008

Entertaining Ryder

I have found that my little boy, sweet as he is, has a very short attention span! He is always interested in what someone else has and not what is right in front of him...until... I hooked up his VTec Toy. I put it on an extra TV we have in my office. It sits right on the floor, not really aesthetically pleasing, but it is eye level with him and the computer pad fits nicely in his lap. At this stage the only thing you are required to do is push buttons. Every time a button is pushed something new happens on the TV screen. He loves it and it occupies him for a good 30 minutes, even with two new teeth coming in on the bottom which are very bothersome to him at the moment! And, it is educational! There is no going wrong, except that maybe I am already breeding a video game addict?? Here are some pictures of him playing!


Janelle said...

He is such a cute kid! When Tori was that age, she loved the Baby Einstein DVDs, and yes, we have raised a DVD addict! She LOVES TV! But, as long as it's "educational" I"m okay with it.
How is it working with a baby? Glad to see you blogging up a storm!