Sunday, September 7, 2008

2.5 Weeks to One Year

In 2.5 weeks our little boy will turn 1! It still all seems like a blur sometimes... wasn't I just in the delivery room having him? Really it was such a long time ago! We've started planning for his birthday party, finished the invitations and mailed them out this weekend! It all makes me sad, but happy. I am so makes me want another and then I think Oh in the WORLD could I handle Ryder and another (not to mention still consult part-time and keep the house going)! The thoughts run through my head all of the time. I am such a planner and I always try to make everything perfect in my head and on paper. I find myself dazing off, running everything through my head...yet nothing seems to work exactly like I plan. At any rate, just thought typing it all out might make things a little more clear. Do you ever get rid of the puppy syndrome (as Matt calls it)? Do you always think..."Oh to have a tiny little baby would be so wonderful"...or do you outgrow this knowing that this is when you are done having kids. Maybe, this feeling never goes away and that is why the Duggar family is on baby #18. What is the answer, how do we know when our family is complete?? I ask Matt this and he says just to pray about it...God will tell us the answer. We prayed long and hard about Ryder and that is why he is here. Anyway, thanks for listening...I promise my next blog won't be so weird! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how fast time flies! I know Trevor's bday will be just a few weeks from Ryder's!... I wish I could say I had everything planned! And as far as "puppy syndrome" goes... I think there will always be something appealing about holding tiny babies...oh, and as clearly evidenced in our household, plan as we may, God knows what He's doing and has a perfect plan for every family! While we were initially stunned senseless, the idea of Trevor and lil' Sis seems absolutely logical now! ;-)

outlaw jones family said...

While I am certainly looking forward to a tiny baby again, there's nothing like having a conversation with your kiddo. Like today at the bagel shop I asked him if he wanted a little more milk and he said, "No, I want a big more."

Or when he was watching his dad change a light fixture in the bathroom yesterday and said,"wait dad, I have an idea!" and came running back with his toy tool kit.

They are amazing at every stage, you just have to sit back and enjoy!
happy Birthday Ryder!!

Misty Rice said...

I think you will know when you know. And praying is always a good place to start. I think if you still have a baby "itch" then you still have some beautiful offsprings to produce. I am done!!! I only struggle because my husband is not. He would like to go for one more and try for a boy (of his own). I totally understand his wish and I don't want to deprive him of his wish.

Its hard!! I did tell him to not ask me at least for another 5 years though. LOL

Julie Gropp said...

I think when you are done, you know. I always thought I wanted 4 children, but after 3 boys I knew I was done. You have to know your limits. Some people can handle more than that, but I know I'm done. Luckily my husband is okay with that. Older kids can be fun too, and if I get a baby itch I have lots of friends that have babies. I can cuddle with their babies and then go home and sleep hard all night long. My last baby is potty trained and it is wonderful. Seven years of diapers is long enough for me. That being said, I'm sure Ryder would love to have a sibling to play with.