Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ryder!

Our Baby Boy turns One today! My goodness where did the year go! I am supposed to be happy today, but I am actually a little sad that the time has gone by so fast. Oh Ryder, it is hard to remember how little you must have been on that first day weighing in at almost exactly 7 lbs.

Daddy said that the Nurses thought the scale was broken because you looked so much bigger than that! You let out that first scream even when Dr. Z didn't want you to and a Nurse came to tell me that you were the loudest baby they'd ever had in the Nursery. At least the Hospital was new! They said you couldn't hear, but you proved them wrong there, too! That is Ryder. You are such a strong boy!

This year you learned so many things and so have we. In the beginning you loved to be swaddled up tight and to have your face covered. So many nights, Daddy would watch TV, while walking circles around the house with you in his sling. Must have made you feel safe. The swing was your best friend and it better move fast. We had to trade with Grandma because our new swing was too slow. You loved the noise from your sleep sheep and you still sleep with him today. It never ceases to amaze me how when you wake up from your sleep you turn his little heartbeat on to soothe you. We also learned that you love to be outside which works out good for us! You love the water and have always been excited when bath time comes around. For Thanksgiving you gave us a present and started sleeping for 8 hours through the night and even though you were fussy leading up to bed time, I was so proud of you!

Once you learned to roll you've never stopped being on the move. In the beginning you used to get stuck in all sorts of crazy places, like under Daddy's chair or the TV stand. We didn't think you'd ever crawl because you could just roll to wherever you'd like. In April you started sitting up like a big boy and even though that was just 5 months ago it seems like a lifetime.

In May you started crawling just in time for our beach trip to Destin. What a crazy place for us to take a 8 month old baby, but you had fun and learned how to pull up on furniture. You didn't like the sand, and your teeth hurt really bad...but you loved swimming in the pool and riding in Daddy's pack. You learned the meaning of the word "No" about this time too. The minute we said it you would stop in your tracks, pucker your lips and cry. How could this word hurt you so much? You still do it today and I could just eat you looking that cute.

This summer you learned to use your hands to feed yourself and to drink from a cup. I miss starting our mornings giving you a bottle in my lap. You are almost walking, although it has been a clumsy process. I know you'll get it down just like you do everything else. Always know how much we love you and although we have only known you for a year, we can not ever imagine how we lived life without you!

Mommy took me for Ice Cream on my Birthday, Yummy!

Thank you, Mommy!!!


Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

Happy Birthday kids need to stop growing up!