Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

Ryder's cousin Anna came over tonight and we took them trick or treating around our neighborhood! They got soooo much candy, especially for being so little!! It was my first "real" time to go trick or treating! Matt and I got married in 2000. Over the last 8 years I have always handed out candy from our house...but I have never walked house to house. Never. Where I grew up we lived on an old country road and houses are literally full pasture lengths apart. Halloween for us meant going to the Carnival held on the Main Street of our little town. Matt looked over at me tonight and said, "This is your first time to walk around trick or treating". I thought to myself for a second and realized he was right! It was so much fun to see all of the decorations and hear the scary music playing as we approached the doors! Anna and Ryder took turns riding in the wagon. For some reason when they were both in the wagon together they would cry! Crazy kids! Anyway hope all of you had a fun and safe one! Onto Thanksgiving!!!


Connors said...

What a cute skeleton!

You Trick-or-Treated in shorts and short sleeves! We could have done short sleeves yesterday, but definitely not shorts! Brrrr!!!!

outlaw jones family said...

I love it! Caleb finally got it this year. Since he knows what candy is, he couldn't wait to knock on the doors. Brandon took him out and I stayed in with a girlfriend and the new babies, I wish I had been there to supervise because they didn't get enough candy in my opinion. oh well, there's alway next year!

The Sabins said...

He is too cute in that little costume! But wait, where are the pics of YOUR first Trick or Treating huh?? ;)

The weather was so nice I wish it was that way every year!