Monday, November 10, 2008

Deep Clean..a Room a Day

My husband graciously pointed out to me yesterday that our house is living a lie. It is holding in a big dark secret, filth. I try and keep a very nice house. Please don't open a cabinet or a drawer though, because that is where you'll find it all "stuffed"! Matt was unloading the Dishwasher for me yesterday and when he went to put a wooden spoon away he was disgusted! Turns out that if you never wipe a drawer down, four years later there is bound to be gunk in it! Then we noticed that milk splatters are everywhere! I try to keep Ryder with his cup in the Kitchen, but I am not always successful. This morning after I fixed Ryder's breakfast I went to put the milk back in the fridge and thought yuck...I start throwing out the old and scrubbing the shelves. Then I look at the table and all of the crusties in the grooves that doesn't come off with a simple daily wipe down. There it began, I am cleaning every nook and cranny. I decide to just mark today down as a cleaning day and become overwhelmed. So my thought is a room a day. Today, I am going to focus solely on the Kitchen. I am going to clean drawers, cabinets, pantry, name it and I am going to clean it. Tomorrow, I'll move on to the living room...doesn't seem nearly as daunting when I take it one day at a time!!


Heather said...

What a great plan! I too, get overwhelmed when I look too deep. Then I completely obsess... cleaning every closet, every drawer, etc. That's also when I catch "toss it" fever and get rid of half of the things I own, only to regret it later (but that's a whole other story!)

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

Have you heard of Fly Lady? She has this whole system of cleaning your home in such a way that you stay on top of it, but never end up overwhelmed.

I could tell you allll about it - but don't come to my house for an example. :o)

I should consider utilizing what I read about.