Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Blog, I've been Neglectful

O.K., so here are some updates from last week: Ryder had a bad cough which turned out to be Croup! Yuck! Glad to report he seems to be fully recovered and is back to his usual no nap today! I continued with my cleaning and organizing. Our downstairs seems to be somewhat under control, not that it was ever in terrible shape. My Mom, Dad, Ryder and I made a trip to the Container Store for some organizational tools. I really just love that store, I could have spent hours browsing the aisles, but Ryder still wasn't feeling perfect and started to cry every time he saw me. My fear now is that Christmas is coming up and new "stuff" will undoubtedly enter the house and I will have to find a home for it. Oh..I reckon I'll cross that bridge when we get there. A friend told me about the Flylady and she really has some good tips! Thanks, Allison! Speaking of Christmas, I am sure all of our Neighbors have us pegged as the weird ones on the ?street. Matt decided that the weather was nice and XM was playing Christmas Music so what better time than the present to get the lights on the house. Yes, they are up although we are not turning them on until after Thanksgiving! Ryder saw is Grandma and Grandpa Smith on Sunday for some good old fashion spoiling. Today we haven't left the house. Ryder really, really needs a nap but is fighting it hard. I don't know what to do...any tips? I wouldn't care if he didn't get a nap in if he wasn't grumpy, but he is terribly grumpy. I bought a book called Toddler 411, guess I need to go flip to the Nap Section for instructions...Ha! I took this picture while typing this...the scowl screams no nap!


Connors said...

Bless his crabby little heart. It took some wailing and some more wailing for us to get Evan to a place where he would nap by himself. Now, he just goes down; it doesn't hurt that he wakes up at 5:30 every morning and he's tired when nap time comes. Good luck; crabby babies are no fun.