Saturday, June 5, 2010


We have officially been moved "out" for a week. We are still not moved "in". Hopefully that will come next week. But for now, we are technically in Limbo. We've been getting paint on every single wall. We have torn carpet out and stained some concrete. I like looks surprisingly good! We've been getting a fence up. We still lack some carpet and a really good clean. It is times like these when you realize what a blessing your family is! They have been lots of help for sure.

Graciously we've been staying at Matt's parents while we drive back and forth to check on things. We gave Grandma a break from our circus and I headed to my Mom and Dad's for a few days with the boys. It always feels good to be in the house you grew up in. We're back in town this weekend for graduation and birthday parties.

I'll get some pictures up soon!