Thursday, December 16, 2010


For most people, just saying the word fruitcake, makes them want to vomit. It makes me think of my Granddad.  After he retired, he spent the holiday season working at the Collin Street Bakery, for extra Christmas money.  Collin Street Bakery's Deluxe fruit cake is world famous and has been a favorite since 1896.  My Granddaddy made one every year, even after he had quit spending his Christmases at the Bakery. 

Ever since he left this World in 2001, I've baked his fruit cake for our family.  Especially for my Dad.  I don't know if he likes the taste of the fuit cake or if it just brings a little bit of home back to him.  After Rustin went to sleep tonight, Ryder and I pulled the mixer out and got to making the annual fruit cake.  He tasted the batter and surprisingly enough said "Yum!". Little bit of that Nekuza blood is running through him...not sure there is any  other explanation for enjoying the taste of raw fruitcake batter!