Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Fun

Sick Baby and Taxes...need I say more?  Rrrrr!  I did manage to sneak in making this cute wreath for a friend who will be having a baby in March.

I was given a wreath similar to this with Rustin and I loved it so much that it still hangs in his room.  The card is a space where you can add the baby's name, time of birth, weight and length.  Hang it on the door of your hospital room for guest to see the specifics when they visit.  It is super easy.  You need a wire wreath form, a package of newborn diapers, ribbon, wooden letters and scrapbook paper. To Assemble:
1.  Loop Ribbon around the Wreath to cover wire frame.  I cut my ribbon into strips and hot glued loops to each section (3 per section).
2.  Place 9 diapers on the wreath by opening each diaper and sliding it over the wreath form.  I hot glued them in place.
3.  Take a coordinating ribbon and thread over the diapers.
4.  Cover any exposed areas by tying little bows with extra ribbon.
5.  Take Wooden letters and trace their shapes on scrapbook paper.  Cut the paper out and Modge-Podge the paper onto the wooden letters.
6.  Once the letters dry, hot glue them onto the diapers.
7.  Add a card out of coordinating scrapbook paper where the Birth Details can be added after the baby is born!
WaaLaa!  You are done!