Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A House for Pluto

Its the time of year that love is in the air...Valentine's day is just around the corner!  Actually...we don't celebrate Valentine's Day here. I guess its not that we don't celebrate it...its just not one of those days that we typically buy each other gifts.  Strike that...It's not one of those days that I typically buy Matt gifts.  It usually plays out like this: 
Matt:  We doing anything for Valentine's this year?
Me:  Nope
Matt:  Promise
Me:  Yep

Valentine's Morning arrives and there is a box of Sprinkles Cupcakes with something I've had my eye on sitting next to them...for Matt there is nothing.  You'd think I'd learn...but I don't.

Anyway, we were home today with the streets icy AGAIN and I decided to work on a project.   Ryder's School is having their Annual Teddy Bear Parade on Friday.  Its the day when you decorate a box for your favorite stuffed animal to ride in, and then each kid pulls their "float" through an obstacle course in the gym.  You may remember this post from last year when we built the "Love Truck" for Ming-Ming to ride in. 

Last year Ryder wouldn't give a stuffed animal a second look.  This year he has a "Little" Pluto that he is inseparable from. We have a "Big" Pluto, too, but he just doesn't hold the same magic that Little Pluto holds. Little Pluto must be in the room if Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on.  Little Pluto is a must at bedtime.  Little Pluto sometimes becomes life like...he requests lunch, needs water, gets put in time-out and always needs a nap.  I decided to build Little Pluto a doghouse for the parade.  Ryder was so excited! 

We started with a Build-A-Bear Box.
Ryder helped me use the scissors and a little duct tape.  He went down for a nap and I kept working with some sheets of foam and foam glue.  This was our end product.

Big Pluto is hanging out inside for now because Little Pluto had a date in the playroom ;).

 Little Pluto did try out the water bowl and we got a huge smile from Ryder...a successful day with the glue gun here at Ft. Smith.


Carley said...

I love it!! So cute and one happy little boy! You're such a wonderful momma!