Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Love Truck

Ryder came home with a note from school last Thursday stating he was to bring a decorated box to school today that his favorite stuffed animal could ride in for a huge "Teddy Bear Parade". Obviously, they don't know Ryder and that he could care less about any of his stuffed animals. I actually thought about putting a phone or a remote control in his box since those are the two things he truly loves, ha! We settled with Ming-Ming. He does Love her...I assume she is a girl. We've had discussions in our house about the gender of the Wonder Pets. Ming-Ming, I am pretty positive is a girl. Tuck, I am pretty positive is a boy. Lenny...well we go back and forth on "it".


I always got upset in school when you could tell that the other kid's parent absolutely did their project. My stuff would look like dog poo next to some colossal super project. That said, He's Two. Obviously it was going to be Matt and I building this box. I had a creative block, totally at a loss with absolutely no ideas. All I knew was that I wanted his to be the BEST! Only kidding...actually I'm serious. Matt said, "Babe...its not about winning. This isn't a competition.". He was right. So I got past "googling" lavish valentine boxes and we put our heads together to come up with "The Love Truck". Actually that's a lie. There was no collaboration here. It was totally Matt's idea. I can't take any credit for the design of Ryder's Parade Float. I was pretty proud of what Matt came up with, all from supplies we had here at home! Ryder, this is your first Valentine's Box!!! Hope you loved it!

This is a picture of Mr. Ryder before we left to take his "Love Truck" to school. We woke up to all of this snow this morning. It is so soft!! Ryder didn't want to go to school because he was soooo mesmerized by all this white stuff!

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Anonymous said...

You have me totally envious of the fun you're having at your house! We've been couped up for far too long and seeing your Museum post, plus the fun school projects make me wish 1)I'd get my junk together and take my kids to the museum, and 2)I had put Trevor in MDO this year.

I guess it's not as if he won't have a school Valentine party or a pet parade some time in his future- but I sure wish it was happening NOW!

Great job guys!

Mary said...

Heather and I have traded,(hopefully not technically kid-to-kid, having sick kids. Let's all three go to the museum at the same time. Happy chaos. Yes it's got a nice ring to it.

Let's do it. Seriously. Heather and I can caravan. I mean it. Don't be scared, y'all. We can do it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Mary! Sounds like a BLAST! We are finally healthy around here (knock, knock) and we're waaay ready for some fun!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Oh I am totally in!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!