Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This and That

We've been up to a little of this and a little of that this week. Monday we went back to the Children's Museum with friends. I told Matt I was going to the Museum with Mary
and Heather...and then explained that I only knew Mary through her Blog and Heather I had not seen in 15 years. His response to this outing..."That's gonna be weird.". I am so happy to report that he was wrong! We had a blast and I think all of our kiddos did awesome for their first time together!

I stole this picture off of Mary's Blog. I realized after I was at the museum that my camera was at home...on my desk. Perfect place for it, right? Ha!

Yesterday I was in a funk and didn't get anything on the Blog. It had to do with things not working out in my master-plan. Didn't I blog about that last week? I need to get over that stuff. Long story short, the registration process for Ryder's preschool didn't exactly turn out like I was expecting. Life is good though and in the grand scheme of things that shouldn't be anything that causes distress. Seriously.

Today we soaked up the sun. I am pretty sure it isn't scheduled to be back out for another week. Have I mentioned that I am really over Winter and very ready for Spring? I am.

This post is all over the place, but since I missed Tasty Tuesday yesterday (remember I was wallering in my funk over preschool) I thought I'd throw something in here. Ryder is a junk food addict. The only foods he consistently asks for are Cookies, Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Crunch Berry Cereal and Raisins. That being said, we are trying to implement some healthy eating habits here at Ft. Smith. Knowing that Ryder absolutely loves ice cream, I decided to freeze some yogurt. I threw it in a bowl tonight (after slightly defrosting it) and told him it was ice cream. He ate the entire bowl! He won't touch yogurt in its normal unthawed state. If you haven't tried that one with your kids, it worked for us!

Disclaimer: I did not say that this was a clean snack/treat. We had to head straight to the bathtub when he finished.

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Connors said...

I'm so glad Ryder loves junk food too. Evan won't eat meat for us...maybe a hot dog or a slice of bologna, but that's it. We buy Gogurt when it's on sale and freeze them. Evan loves them!

On Sunday Evan looked at Mike and said, "Dad, I want popcorn; let's go to Target and get some!" Whoops.

Mary said...

GREAT idea! gonna try it for sure--I'm sorry about the preschool drama...did it happen before Monday? I'm dreading doing that this next week for Charlie. They've told us people camp out at our church overnight?????? Heather and I are like, what? Really?