Friday, February 5, 2010

Some things he loves...

These boots. He can't walk in them, but he is guilty of sleeping in them. When Matt checked on him before closing things down last night he had "one" of them on in bed and was sound asleep.

This "mote". Our do everything remote for upstairs that is apparently very interesting for a 2-year old. No need to play with a room full of toys when there are gadgets like this to be found.

His Brother's Bed. He sneaks into Rustin's room and climbs on in whenever he thinks nobody is watching. "Ryder, Mommy's always watching" is something said daily around here.

Our microwave, your microwave, anybody's microwave. Really just buttons, anything with buttons that you can push and something will then turn on...he loves you.

"Toothbrush....Toothpaste....where are you?" are also words spoken daily around here. By Ryder not me. Seriously...he is obsessed with brushing his teeth.

His Baby. Rustin...your brother loves you so much. You are the first thing he asks for when he wakes up and the last name he speaks before he goes to bed. Believe me when I say You are so loved baby boy.



Mary said...

We have the same do everything remote. My husband is the one obsessed with it. And "mommy is always watching..." love it. I've started saying, "Ty, mommy sees you and so does God." pulling out the big guns! Ha