Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

  Happy Father's Day!
My Dad...the one that let us drive his truck down the gravel driveway, always had the band-aids when we scraped our knees, could figure out all of the math problems we couldn't solve, never missed one of our games, drove me to college and helped me find my way around that first semester my freshman year.  He walked me down the aisle and was there the day both of my children were born...even after he had worked a 10-hour day and then had to drive 2-hours to get there.  I absolutely have the best Daddy around.

My Father-in-law...he treats me like his own, is always our voice of reason, never lets us down, the one we call whenever we need help or can't figure things out.  The one who worked his entire life even moving states away from all of his family to give his children a better life. He taught my husband to be the person he is today and I don't know what we would do without this man. 
My world and the best father my boys could ask for.  You've come a long way from suggesting "Just eat a few tums"...when my appendix was rupturing.  Hehehe!  I couldn't imagine living this life or raising these boys with anybody other than you.  Thank you for being the amazing person you are for all of us....we love you more than...


Janelle said...

Nice pictures of all the men in your life! Matt looks a lot like his Dad :)
Happy Fathers Day!