Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where We've Been

We've been off of the computer, out of the house and hanging around in our swimsuits most days.  If I was speaking for Ryder, I'd say swimsuit.  He has plenty to choose from, but only Mickey Mouse wins his heart.  I wash it every single day.

This guy isn't as picky yet.
He is also fully walking and running now!  Woohoo!  He has hair under that hat, but its so fair we keep his head covered.

This little monster in the video, aka Ryder "Smiff" is learning to swim!  Last summer we couldn't get him near a pool and this summer we can't keep him out of the pool. 

  After his lesson today, we swam with his cousins.  I turned around and caught them holding hands to jump in...made my heart happy!
That's where we've been!