Friday, August 12, 2011


 If there is dirt, this kid will find it. (Oh and yes...this is our dead yard.  108 Degrees for 30 days straight without rain will do that for ya!)
I got him to come back to the porch by telling him I had food.  Similar to what you would do for a dog.  Only he's much cuter than a dog...don't ya think?
 He realized he'd been tricked and that I wouldn't hold him because he was so dirty.  (His new catch phrase is "My Lap, My Lap" which translates to "Pick Me Up".)
At least she loves him...apparently she didn't care that his backside looked like....
I gave up...when you're already this dirty, who cares if you drink from the dog's water bowl.  This is where Matt and everyone in my family throws up a little bit in their mouths.  I mean, even I admit this is disgusting and if I saw anyone else letting their child do this I'd have harsh things to say about the matter.  Rest was fresh water.  ;)  He is now fed, bathed, teeth brushed and sweetly sleeping in bed.   


Amber Connors said...

It's one of those times that you pick your battles with this almost-two-year-old. Love it! Just don't let Aunt Mindy read this post. I wish she lived close by...I'd let her clean my house (she used to rearrance my suitcase when we visited lol!). ;)

Abbey said...

So stinkin cute... love being a boy mom!!!!!