Friday, August 12, 2011

Finding Time

Do you ever have those weeks that seem crazy busy, but nothing is really accomplished.  Its been one of those weeks for the past 3 weeks for me.  We are going 100 different directions with nothing really to show in the end, except for being really tired.

I haven't even had my camera out to snap any pictures of the things we've been doing.  By the time both boys are in bed at night, I'm exhausted and all I can do is lay on the couch and stare blankly at the TV.  Obviously, my Blog has been lacking content.  I think the heat has added extra exhaustion and my brain turns to mush by day's end.

So here are a few updates:  It's hot.  So we've either stayed inside or gone to the water park.

Ryder has been in a gym class this summer at my new Brother-in-laws gym in East Texas.  We drive down on Wednesdays and spend the day with my parents once he's done.  That is all about to end as school starts back up.  My Mom will go back to work and Ryder will be in Pre-school on Wednesdays.  He's really enjoyed running around like a crazy monkey though!

We've squeezed in a few McDonald's / Chick-fil-A lunches when we can.  We'll take all of the air-conditioning we can get!

We Build trains every day and have probably watched Toy Story 3 no less than 700 times.  Rustin LOVES it.  Trains and Toy Story that is.  He can name every single Thomas Train which is something Ryder never really cared about.  Funny how different they can be.

They both still love the Car Wash.  I have been guilty of using it as a form of bribery.  We'll go wash the car as a reward for being good.

Uggg...and I'm trying to watch my diet.  I hate paying attention to what I eat.  I wish I could just eat whatever and whenever, because I do love me some food....especially in the evening.  All of the sudden an alert goes off in my brain that tells me I need candy, ice cream, whatever...just so long as it is sweet.  So that's it I guess. 

Here is a picture from not this week but sometime this summer of each stinker.  What is a post without a picture?
 Rustin (Summer 2011)
Ryder (Summer 2011)


Amber Connors said...

I totally feel like I could've written this blog post...down to the alarm in the brain! Love you Joy!