Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little Plus One

Three years ago about this time, I stood in the bathroom crying.  I had just found out we were pregnant with our second child.  I called Matt on the phone and he said that he was confused.  Was this not what we wanted?  It was, but I was scared.  I had a toddler who was just barely over a year old.  I felt an instant fear that I wouldn't be able to handle two babies.  So many things have happened in the last three altering events to a few of the people in my life.  Events that have made it evident how silly this fear was.  I still have days that leave me feeling very frazzled, but I couldn't imagine life any other way and I am forever grateful for God's beautiful blessings. Especially his gift of our little "Plus One".

He is one of God's most amazing creations.  We call him "Cubby" most of the time.  It was Ryder's nickname for him.  He answers to it works.
He talks like crazy.
He loves his Momma.
He wants to do whatever Ryder is doing...unless Ryder is taking a bath.  He doesn't like to take a bath....we still make him.
He loves all things Disney...especially Toy Story 2 and 3.  He likes to tell us what "Andy" says.
He shrills a silly scream a lot lately.
He thinks Rapunzel is beautiful..."just like a Princess".
He loves to color and play in the sand.  Hats are his favorite.  He doesn't like to share, but we're working on that.
He still uses his blanket to fall asleep and asks to sit in "My Lap" when he's sleepy.
He sticks his tongue out when he concentrates...his Daddy does this too. He's A lot like his Daddy and his Grandpa.
He's a junk-food, tv watching, game playing monster.  Really.  He'd try and survive off of Strawberry Milk, Cheetos and M&M's if the opportunity presented itself. Oh and Chips and "Salad" aka Salsa.  Spicier the better.
His latest victory is the potty...all of the sudden he grew up on us.  He's our big boy now and don't you dare call him a baby.  
I guess what I'm saying're pretty special Rustin Walker.  Even when you are making colossal Moon Dough Popcorn messes and wearing your Momma's hat...I love you to the moon and back!