Friday, January 27, 2012

My Poor Baby!


This clearly was not his best morning.  Oh. My. Word.  Let me just say...Pink Eye is terrible! He didn't know I was taking his picture.  He'd be so embarrassed if he'd known.  Not kidding.

Seriously everything you can to keep it from getting this bad.  Our Poor Rustin. By the time we got some drops from the Doctor, he was too far gone.  I kept saying, " poor baby!".  His response, "I not your baby, I a big boy!".  Ahem...Don't listen to him.  He's still my baby.

He kept a low profile with his stocking cap on all day.  Really.  He wouldn't take it off.

I am happy to report that 4-doses of eye drops later he is leaps and bounds better.  Now if the rest of us can steer clear of this nasty gunk, it should be a spectacular weekend!  Happy Friday, Y'all!


Anonymous said...

Oh man... Joy, I can remember once while Bryan and I were in college (we lived together) my parents came down with it and it got BAD. It got so bad for them, that they had to ship the kids to US for the weekend so they could take care of it and not infect anyone else. They were miserable. Poor little guy... I'm glad he's doing better now!