Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We're here.  Most days I feel like I'm struggling to keep my head above the water, but we're here.  Someone told me to enjoy the days of toddler-hood because it only gets busier.  I am sure it will be and somehow we will adapt.

For now I'll relish the fact that at least my boys are with me most of the time....even when things seem unimaginably crazy.  I'll cherish knowing that Rustin's favorite thing is Toy Story 3 and not a girl.  I'm thankful that Ryder's idea of a good time is to hang out on a parked riding lawnmower with his I-touch.  I won't take for granted the honesty of my 4-year old...even when he tells me I stink.  One day I'll pray that he continues to tell me the truth.  I will hold close to my heart the words of my 2-year old as he says "Mommy, I miss you every day"...after I pick him up from a 5-hour stay at preschool.  You can't imagine how happy it makes me, that our 4-year old asks us to move with him, when he leaves for college.

I love these boys, even on the days I feel like a frazzled mess.  Even on the days when the doors slam, toy chases ensue while yelling "it's mine!", little bodies fall on the floor in a flurry of stomping feet and crocodile tears, defiantly they refuse to eat dinner, and end the day making tidal waves in the bathtub....it is no coincidence that God picked these two for us.  They make us WHOLE.  Love you both to the Moon and Back!


Janelle said...

Oh man - you just described a day at my house! Complete with tidal waves in the bath tub!
So many people tell me "they are only young once" and stuff like that. Thanks for the reminder. This is a fun age and I don't want them to grow up any faster!

Anonymous said...

So true Joy! Dang those tidal waves! lol. Maybe if I bathed them in the morning I'd still have patience for that. hmmm.

Mary said...

It's all about perspective! Joy just dumped an entire box of Kix cereal on the kitchen floor and I gasped...almost yelled...and she goes, "wow did you see dat?" so I just laughed. Then internally cussed as I cleaned it up. Lol

Angie said...
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Angie said...

Yes, Joy. Cody and I are entering the pre-pre-teen phase of parenting, and how I miss the simplicity of the heart of a toddler. I feel like I am in a mourning phase of that time, which wasn't too long ago, 5 years? But now it's only a memory that's growing further away.Hold those boys close, and don't wish for time to speed up...I promise you'll regret it.