Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Last Day of School

I always remember the last day of school as being one of the most exciting days of the year when I was growing up.  It's bittersweet to me now...a lot like birthdays. 

The last day of school, means the end of another school year. It means my boys are almost a whole year older than they were when the school year began.  It means we're growing closer to entering Elementary School and leaving the days of carefree Preschool life.  Gone will be the days of  knowing that they are in a super safe environment.  Gone will be the days hearing God's word and being hugged on all day.  I won't be on a first name basis with all of the staff in the building.  I won't know every child in the class and be friends with their parents.  I won't be able to walk inside the building anytime I want, and take them home with me.   It scares me.  All I can do is lay next to them as they fall asleep at night and hold on tight...hold on as tight as I can... praying that they'll always love me as much as they do at 4 and 2.

Last Day of School.  It was a Sprinkler Day for Ryder that was topped off with a Blue Sno-Cone.  Life just doesn't get much better than Sprinklers and Sno-Cones when you're four!

I love this.  I shouldn't, but I do.  This is what they do fifty percent of the time.  The other fifty they actually do love each other!

Lastly...I had to share these Teacher gifts.  Thirty-one has some really cute totes at a really good price.  We stopped at our favorite shop yesterday...Nothing Bundt Cakes and order "Bundtletts" to stick inside these small totes.  Happy Summer Y'all...I'm gonna try to wipe away these bittersweet tears and enjoy every second of it with my boys!


Carley said...

I love these pictures of your boys!! So cute! You are not going to believe this but I got the EXACT same thing for Cody's teachers....thirty-one square totes with a mini Nothing Bundt Cake and a willow tree angel. How funny! I should have taken a picture. I LOVE thirty-one bags...a lot! Great Pictures!

Amber Connors said...

LOVE the real pictures of your boys! So cute! :) Miss you! Love you!

Abbey said...

Such great words put to emotions all moms feel... or at least this mom!!!! Love the teacher gifts!!!