Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day-2012

Ryder brought this home from School the Friday before Mother's Day. Its a little hard to read from the picture, so I've typed it our below:

"My Mom"

My mom is 34 years old, and she has darker hair.
She wears a size 5-14's shoe and looks so beautiful when she wears a beautiful dress.
Her favorite color is pink.
Her favorite thing to eat is apples and pizza, but the
best thing she cooks is pizza and sprinkle cookies.
My mom's favorite TV show is Mommy shows.
My mom loves to work, and it makes her happy when she gives me a hug and kiss.
She always tells me go to bed every night, and she gets really angry when I argue.
My mom loves me because she loves me so much! and she is special to me
because she loves me so much!

by:  Ryder Smith (4 years old) May 11, 2012.

Note:  Ryder got my age right, my shoe size falls in that range, and I do like pink.  Ryder's favorite foods are apples and pizza (not mine).  I cook pizza so well because it comes straight out of the freezer and into the microwave (singles from Costco) and I have to give Nabisco credit for those Sprinkle Cookies.  They are the Oreo Cookies Birthday Cake edition.  Mommy shows come on around 6:00 PM and are generally the "News".  I don't love to work, but I do seem to do a lot of it these days.  He's right... nothing makes me happier than giving him a huge hug and kiss.  I do tell him to go to bed every night...and I do ask him not to argue with me.  So thankful that he realizes how much I love him and pray that he always knows that!