Thursday, June 21, 2012


You are without a shirt because we were painting on the driveway and we didn't want to mess your Mickey Mouse T-shirt up.

You are just getting over a 24-hour fever that left you tired and clingy to me.

You love to make me laugh.  You say silly things like..."Do you LOVE spinach, MOM??"...and then squeal with laughter when I say "No!".

You were drinking some lemonade and pretending to eat some goldfish after a long morning of playing with Action Chugger and KoKo.  Daddy brought them home to you last night after hearing you weren't feeling well.

You were sleepy as I sat next to you snapping these pictures...even though you argued, "I not sleepy, Mom!". You fell asleep fast...almost as fast as your head could hit the pillow.

You looked at these pictures after your nap and said, "That's me without my shirt!".

You are so special  to me Rustin Walker and I am so thankful God picked me to be your Momma...what a lucky girl!  Always keep my love in your heart and this amazing smile on your face!


Abbey said...

This is just a sweet, precious post!! Tears!!!