Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outside Your Box

Do you ever experience a moment that makes you realize that maybe you don't travel out of your comfort zone enough?  Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a creature of habit.  Change scares me.  I had huge hesitations, to move out here to Ft. Smith 2.5 years ago, because for 10 years I had lived in a little 10 mile circumference that I rarely left except for work.  

Yesterday we stopped to see Matt's Grandma (the boys only living great grandparent) at her retirement home.  She lives in a 3-story complex similar to a hotel.  I say a hotel rather than an apartment building because all of the doors to the rooms open to the inside.  Ryder calls it "Great Grandma's Apartment Building".  He told us on the way to see her that he hopes he can live in a big apartment building when he gets older.  He also said he wants to use a wheel chair AND a walker to get around. 

She lives on the second floor.  The elevator ride from the first to the second floor was a huge treat complete with button pushing, jumping up and down, and a little old lady who told us no less than 10 times between the two floors that we have beautiful children.

We talked for a few minutes, gave several big hugs,  made several trips to explore a new bathroom ( my boys are like dogs, they feel the need to mark every new toilet they come across), and then we headed out. She lives North, not too far from Southlake.  Matt and I decided to  drive to the Southlake Town Square and Christmas shop.

This is where my "moment" happened.  We parked, we got out of the car, we hit the sidewalk and Ryder exclaimed, "Dad!!!  We're in New York City!!!".  
Rustin started jumping up and down and squealed, "This is the best day ever!  We are in Christmas Town!  Yahooo!!!". 

I looked at Matt, he looked at me.  I had warm fuzzies in my stomach realizing the joy that traveling somewhere close, but somewhere we don't normally venture to because it doesn't fit into our routine, could bring them such joy.  As we walked through Pottery Barn, I had to laugh because Ryder kept asking Matt if we were still in "the City".   We shopped, the boys danced in pretend snow being blown from machines, they had an early visit with Santa Claus and we went home.  From the backseat I heard them both declare it "the Best day ever!". 

It hit me in the face is too short to not enjoy the simple pleasures.  This Christmas and throughout the year, take the time to step across the lines of the box you put yourself in.  Go see the ones you love more often, travel to places you wouldn't normally go (even if its less than an hour away).  The rewards you receive will be exponential. 


Abbey said...

Awesome point!!! Couldn't agree more!!!!