Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smith's Don't Give Up

We have some cabin fever running through this house.  It's been cold since Christmas.  Really cold for us.  Not only is it cold, the sun hasn't been shining. 

It's no lie...I couldn't live up North.  Actually, I probably could if that was the alternative to being homeless...but I would make it known how unhappy I was.  I need sunshine.  I need temperatures warm enough to permit me sitting outside while my littles ride bikes and draw on the driveway with chalk. 

In the midst of the cold, I've been making use of my electric blanket and taking useless car trips so that I can warm my legs on the heated seats.  My boys have been learning to like the indoors and we've been playing lots of games.

Challenging games for a little man with not a lot of attention span or patience.  It's tough work pulling bones out of a dinosaur without making him roar. 

It tires you out and sometimes Daddy has to come save the day.

But in the end, the feeling of success is...oh so sweet.  That feeling never goes away little man.  You're going to have to bust through life, being frustrated at times...trying so hard that you are exhausted.  Just when you hit the top of that climb and want to give up...don't.  Mind over matter, Mister.... and you'll find the sweet rewards of success and the relief that comes with climbing down the other side of that mountain every time. 

I love that you don't give up...because Smith's don't give up.  Always remember that my little bread loving, pizza eating, sprite drinking, how it's made watching, cash register/marble mania/hot-wheels playing love monkey!


Anonymous said...

Super sweet post and so true! We are climbing the walls here too! And I JUST now got an electric blanket for Christmas- I have no clue why I waited so long to get one!?