Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let Go

Today you grew up.  Today you said, "I can't" and then you "did".  Today you made me so proud that I jumped up and down, screaming with joy.  Today we used Daddy's tools to take the training wheels off and you rode your bike.  

My heart nearly pounded out of its chest the moment you told me to "let go" said "I've got it". I was resistant, but you were knew exactly what to do.  I stood and watched as you made big circles on the bike without any assistance...and then it hit me.   You're going to continue to tell me to "let go" and I'm going to continue to want to hold on "tighter"....but I won't.  Spread your wings baby boy, but always know that I'll be here to put my hands back on the bike and balance you. are so Big and I am so Proud! You insisted on taking one final spin in your pajamas right before bed...may your dreams be filled with the memories of this sweet, sweet day!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Letting go is so hard and it is just going to get harder, right?!