Wednesday, October 23, 2013

He's close to perfect

Most days we call you a "tootie".  Not today you were close to perfect.  Today, you said all of the right things.  You stuck right by my side.  You helped me chase down Charlie when he dug out of the yard not once, but twice today.  You didn't complain when we ran late this morning and forgot to put blankie in your nap-mat.  You fed Blue dog food piece by piece.  You obediently jumped on the trampoline while I was cooking dinner...just like I asked you to.   You ate your whole taco and said the prayer for our family.  You flattered me with kind words and even posed for these pictures.  Pictures I didn't need to take, but wanted to take.

A little girl at pre-school made you a bracelet and you wore it all day.  She thinks you're pretty special and so do I.   I love you more than you love eating candy from a bowl...and that my sweet boy is a lot of loving!