Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Hair Cut

Matt decided to take Ryder with him to the Barber Shop yesterday. Ryder does not have a lot of hair and what hair he does have is really blonde. So, it looks like less hair than it actually is...but the back was getting really fuzzy. Matt was calling it a "Mullet"...I promise it really was not that bad. I would not let my child go around with a mullet. Anyhoo, he ended up getting the back trimmed up at the Barber...his first haircut!!! Of course, I was totally unprepared so we didn't get any pictures of him getting it cut. Matt did save some of the "fuzz" for me! I took some pictures after his bath last night. Not too much of a difference as you will see!


Connors said...

Adorable! There's nothing wrong with a baby high and tight...just the way his daddy wears it!

I told Mom and Dad to take tons of pictures of Ryder so we could see more of him when they get back. :-)

My Family of Four said...

He truly is such a CUTE little boy. I swear.