Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yum Yum to my Tum Tum!!!

Just have to say that my tummy is super excited! Ryder and I were running errands today which consisted of going to our (or my) favorite shopping center, the Arlington Highlands. We were walking to Borders when what to our wandering eyes did appear but a "Now Hiring" sign at the future home of a Freebirds World Burrito!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMM, is all I can say!!!! This was my absolute favorite place to eat in College!!! I can't tell you how much I love it!!! I was so excited!!!! Ryder thought I had gone nutty and we had to stop and send a Text to Matt so we could spread the good news! Absolutely made my day! If you've never been, you must go!!!


Janelle said...

Oh, I hear ya! There is one not far from my house here in Austin, but we haven't been yet. I'm not sure Stephen understands how many memories & good times we all had at freebirds in CS. :-)

outlaw jones family said...

I'm a Chipolte girl myself....anyway, just wanted to ask you a question about cameras. We are buying a new one because ours stinks. Are you happy with what you all have?