Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It is one of those days when all I can say is "Whew"! It is one of those days when I feel like I didn't see my baby boy at all yet he has been here all day. It is one of those days when you get home from the Grocery store and realize the most important thing you went after didn't make it home with you. It is one of those days that was so hot I couldn't help but crave water and the ice from Sonic. It is one of those days that I was able to eat Dinner with my Husband, my Father and my Sister...such a rarity. It is one of those days that I sit down to catch my breath and look around only to realize how wonderful the day is. It is a day to thank God for his beautiful blessings. It is the end of this day and I am so tired yet can't find the urge to sleep.... so instead I will give the update on us....

We were all sickies last week with some kind of yucky middle of the summer cold/allergy/I don't know what. All I know is that it starts with a sore throat. The kind of sore throat that makes you feel like you have rocks in the depths of your mouth every time you swallow. Then that goes away and in comes the stuffy congestion. It is finally finding its way out the door. Ryder and I still have the remnants of a runny nose, but can't complain beyond that.

Ryder finally got those top two teeth that have been causing him so many problems the past few weeks. The poor little thing really struggled with those two, which was something new for me because the bottom two seemed to come through without very many teething woes to speak of. He is into EVERYTHING Now!! We purchased a gate for the top of the stairs, but are having trouble finding something for the bottom. I know he is on his way up when he gets really quiet. It takes a lot of deep concentration to climb up those steps. I always catch him about stair two and he squeals when he sees me coming. His next strategy is to viciously try to get up the next step before I can grab him. Stinker!!!

Matt has taken a new position so that he won't be traveling like he was. His new project is in Dallas!! Yippee!!!! No more trips to Mexico and Ryder and I will have Daddy here every night of the week. We are very excited!

Ummmm....me, well I have made my fifth trip to Target for the week and...yep that's my life! Wouldn't change it for a thing!!!

My personal opinion is that a post without pictures is no fun, so here is a blast from the past that I found on my computer this week. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but made me laugh to myself when I came across the file. This is Pre-Ryder on a trip Matt and I took to Disneyland. We have another one where his score is like 100,000 to my 15,000...but for some reason that file can no longer be found...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it sounds like we are living parallel lives... even down to the Target trips! lol. I'm glad Matt will be home more and you'll get to be together! I think Nathan coming home from work is the highlight of Trevor's day- I couldn't imagine how hard it would be if he traveled a lot!