Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Homemade Christmas

On GMA this morning they did a piece on making Christmas Gifts that are from the heart for your loved ones this year, especially during the economic times we are experiencing. They had some really good ideas. In summary:
1. Baking Mixes in a Jar. I actually received a Brownie Mix in a jar last year from my nephew for Valentines and they were so yummy and very simple to mix up. Another cute idea is Pancake Mix with a Bottle of Maple Syrup.

2. Cookie Dough. Basically the idea of the Pilsbury Slice and Bake, but you make the dough from scratch. How fun, I am making cookies this weekend anyway, so I may utilize that idea.

3. Ornaments in a hurricane. You can use the ornaments next year and then you have a hurricane all year round to decorate with. (Reminded me of Jenn's Jar-O-Lights in 1997...Janelle & Julie- You guys remember that??? Such a cute idea, but that jar got really hot, LOL!)

4. Salt Scrubs and Soaps. My sister always makes me sugar and salt scrubs and I love them! You can get all of the ingredients for relatively good price at Michael's (I think...don't hold me to it, I've never made myself).

5. My younger sister asked me for one thing for Christmas. She had seen this at a huge Craft Fair in Arkansas this Fall. Normally I would have sought out trying to find this for her, but this year I told myself I could do it myself. Thanks to my friends at 2peas I was successful! I don't think she is a regular blog reader, so hopefully I am not giving it away totally! I loved it so much, I did one for us!

So, if you decide to get creative this year, hopefully these ideas will help you out!