Thursday, December 4, 2008


I really need to read a blog on blogging. I do not keep up with my blog like most. I feel like my life is chaotic and I am here and there, but nothing really interesting happens that I should post on my blog. Then it turns into over a week since I've made a post. Matt said to me yesterday, "Your not really doing your blog much anymore are you?". I thought well yeah, just nothing interesting to blog about...but isn't that what blogging is all about. A place where you can post the monotony of your life sort of like a public diary in actuality. Well life has been busy here since pretty much the day before Thanksgiving. I spent that day with my sister and then the evening with my husband getting haircuts, oil changes, making pies, catching freebirds with my in-laws.

Thanksgiving was at my sister's and then Matt's sisters. We hit the mall at 5:30 a.m. on Friday with Ryder, I know we are crazy horrible parents, but he really does like the mall and watching all the people. Got some good deals, but still not through shopping.

Saturday we helped move Matt's Grandma to a new Senior Living place. It is really nice, kind of like a dorm for seniors. Everyone there was so nice and I think she is going to love it and maybe make some friends to boot!

Sunday Matt helped his parents with some more little move items and then we hit Costco in the afternoon. I got the absolutely cutest little table and shelf with bins for Ryder's playroom! It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I was afraid I would never find anything I liked that well again. The brand is "Cafe Kids" and it is "Pottery Barnish" with a slightly less than "Pottery Barnish" Price. The Best Part was that the assembly was very minimal, which is always a plus for me! We once bought an entertainment center early in our marriage which I was totally excited about because I thought I got a super good deal! Then we opened the box to find a zillion and one pieces. Ever since then I make a point to buy furniture that requires no assembly.

This week I've spent getting back in the swing of things. Also it is the first of the month which is when most of my consulting work comes in. Until my current projects come to an end at which time I will become unemployed because nobody is lending money!! RRRR!!!! Such is life and the construction industry, I pray that it is cyclical like all other things.

I've started playing around with my camera a lot and I love making cards and other little scrapbooking things! As if I don't have my days full enough, I'll sit and play with that stuff at night and then wonder why it is so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning!

And Finally, I am officially 10 lbs. heavier than I was on Monday because Matt made Peanut Brittle Monday night. His Grandpa always made it at Christmas time and he is carrying on the tradition. We just need to ship it on outta here because my mouth can not resist the temptation! LOL! Anyway love you all and now time for me to read and catch up on your Blogs!


Heather said...

I can't believe you went shopping so early! You go girl! I should've given you my shopping list!