Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2008

I "blog-lifted" this from my sweet friend Crystal's facebook page! Totally a great idea so I thought I'd post my version here:

January 1, 2008, we woke up elated that our 3 month old baby was sleeping through the night. Blessed to have a nice sized consulting load to supplement our income. Began going to the gym religiously and feeling a lot better! My baby boy turns 6 months old. He and I drive to San Antonio to meet Matt there on business. See Miss Brenda, Shop at Outlets and Ryder meets the Valles family for the first time! Discover Blogger thanks to Misty! Went on our first camp out with baby in Spring where Matt's Mom taught Ryder to drink from a straw. Ryder learns to crawl and the next week we leave for vacation on the beach in Florida. Ryder hates the sand and we take turns going to the beach and staying in condo with baby. Decide we shouldn't go to beach again for awhile. Matt changes jobs so that I am no longer a part time single mom. I.e. New Job=No Travel. Ryder begins feeding himself table food and we did away with bottles! Sounds silly, but saves me so much time! Ryder starts Mother's Day Out and turns One with a big boo-boo on his forehead. I started a Bible Study thanks to my Neighbor Paula! I have learned so much and made new friends. Economy takes a turn for the worst and suddenly all my work goes away. Since No Work, we drive 6 hours in a car with a baby that did absolutely wonderful to camp in Arkansas. Sesame Street a Musical Celebration will always remind us of this trip, LOL! Hike with Grandma & Grandpa. Ryder meets his Great Great Aunt Irma. She loves Ryder to death! Ryder starts walking just in time to go door to door trick or treating in his spooky skeleton costume. Holidays are approaching and my workouts seem to be tapering. Spend Thanksgiving at Aunt Kara's and then Aunt Mindy's. Go shopping, shopping, shopping...Ryder rides the carousel for the first time and LOVES it! I turn 31 and then Celebrate Christmas. Ryder made Christmas so much fun this year. Make New Years Resolution to be back at Gym 5 days a week, become more organized in every aspect of my life and make it to Church every week. We have no plans for New Years Eve other than playing Wii and eating yummy food, woohoo! We love you all and wish you the Best in 2009!