Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out with the Old and In with the New

We've started out 2009 a little more grown up! Out with the Highchair and In with a New Booster Seat! Ryder is sitting at the table with us and feels like such a Big Boy! Thought I'd share his excitement with you!

I have also been getting out a lot of other OLD things! I seriously think there are probably 15 Bags of Trash to set out tomorrow. Not to mention there is now a whole section in our Attic dedicated to the Next Garage Sale. We made a trip to Goodwill and still we could furnish an entire daycare with all of the baby items in the second attic which Ryder no longer uses but I am afraid to part with.

I started organizing before Christmas so that it wouldn't all be so overwhelming once the first of the year came. The only room I skipped over was my office upstairs. For awhile I have been wanting to move it downstairs to a room that was serving as a formal living room. Formal livings are pretty, but really useless. Throw a kiddo into the mix and there is absolutely no need for one in this house! Yes, I'd like to pretend that we host lavish house parties where people sip mojitos while sitting on my beautiful chaise lounge, but alas I will assure that does not happen!

I kept dreading moving it all down because that inevitably meant I would have to go through the colossal mess of that room and it was so much easier to shut the door and forget all about it. Not to mention that I was home when the two large men delivered my desk and I really thought that I was going to have to call 911 because one of them was surely going to bust a gut in the process of getting it up to the second floor.

My husband's idea is that the two of us or him and our neighbor could bring it down the stairs...I didn't work out so well!! Thank God for Matt's parents. Between the four of us we got it down! There was only one slight incident when I thought my husband was going to be pinned between a wall and the desk damaging all sorts of internal organs.

The next day we sorted and cleaned the rest of the junk in the old office and I now have it manageable. I have decided not enough closet space in this house, but I think that comes with all homes (or so this is what I tell myself). Just need to decide what we are going to use that room for...playroom or second bedroom?? Right now it is basically a blank we will see! Here is the end result downstairs....Wa-Laaaa! :)