Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bubbles and Handprints....

It is rainy, wet and cold here today. Playing with toys didn't last long this morning....apparently they are all very boring. I need to do the ole' switcharoo with some I put up in the attic at Christmas time. Ryder was not in the best mood, he woke up before 6 a.m. because of the rain and thunder, I guess. I then toted him along with me to the Doctor this morning...which was oh so much fun for him! We got home and he didn't want to read any books or do any of the usual. Matt sent me a link with some ideas of fun indoor things to do with your 18 month was not so great!

1. Blow Bubbles! Great for the hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills so the website says. I happened (not sure how) to have a big bottle of bubbles in the house. We got them out and Ryder went to town trying to catch all of the bubbles. He laughed a lot and didn't want to put them away, so that was a win!

2. Make Handprints! Not a win. I think it definitely would have been, had I been more prepared. I had the temper paints and we did it in his bathroom so we'd have close access to a bathtub if needed. If you are going to try this, be sure you have lots of newspaper and that your toddler doesn't have the instinct to put everything that touches his hands into his mouth. We managed to get two "sort of" prints on the paper prior to green paint going in his mouth, all over his face and then all over my shirt. Lessons learned here: Wear clothes you don't mind throwing away, let the little one wear as few clothes as possible, lay the floor with lots of newspaper and be ready to hose them down!

This got us through to lunch and we went down for an early nap since he was up before dawn...we'll see what the afternoon brings!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas Joy! We are also at a loss around here... I pulled out an birthday gift we'd stored away for him just now... it's lasted oh... about the time it's taken me to type this comment lol!!!!