Saturday, March 7, 2009

A trip to the Country

Ryder and I took a trip to the Country on Friday. Actually, it was just my parent's house...but they very much live in the country. It is where I grew up. If you ever listen to country music and hear a song about a small town with dirt roads, where everybody knows everybody and the quarterback dates the will have the perfect visualization of where I grew up. My parents have about 10-acres that are perfect for a little boy to roam and get into TROUBLE! He had fun yesterday, even though it was so freakin' windy! My sister's little girl was there to be his partner in crime. The two of them got so dirty that I had to turn most of the pictures to black and white to cover up the dirt!


Connors said...

That's the best part about kids; they're washable. We let Evan go to town on just about everything, and he washes right up. ;-) Fun pics!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Great photos mama...and I see a little color fun... I did that once, but can't even begin to remember how I did it. LOL

What program do you use? you are getting good with your photos keep it up.

Julie Gropp said...

great pictures. love what you did with them.